"she is home"/2017


1. Cut any photos out of fashion magazines for women.

2. Make hair, face and clothes with the clippings

3. Dress Licca these and take pictures


   Licca is one of the most popular modern styled doll for small girls in Japan. I tried to photograph her as an icon of “modern Japanese girl”. However, I could not get the results as I expected. Licca is supposed to be an eleven-year-old girl. However, at the same time, she is thirty years old as I am, because the current fourth edition of Licca was released in 1987. Through her, eleven-year-old me and thirty-year-old me faced each other, so that the “hollow” in myself was highlighted. The hollow is the place where eleven-year-old me existed before. I have been repeatedly working on new tasks that I have to do to fill this hollow.  I wonder if I am allowed to call the objects "work of art" that remained after such tasks as by-products.  But this process surely makes me live, so this empty place is perhaps “home” for me. In searching for the cause of failure (success in another aspect), this work became an important existence like a key for opening the “home”. 

Aiko Harada

 pigment ink print



 2017年「I am home」(クラグイエヴァツ大学/セルビア クラグイエヴァツ)に出品しました。